Athlete Development is our passion and an area we truly pride ourselves in.

We see it time and time again where a talented athlete lacks the team behind them to get them to the top with too many athletes being misled and using ‘Functional Training’ instead of a proper sports specific programs. We believe EVERY athlete, not just the elites, deserve to have access to high level coaching!

How can we help?

We are not your average personal trainers; our coaches are University educated Sport & Exercise Scientists with most of our coaches either past or present athletes themselves.

What does this mean for you?

It means we understand the biomechanics & physiology of your sport and how to break down the key movement patterns and energy systems that you need to improve on in order to excel in your area.

We have worked with some of the best in the areas of MX, BMX, Soccer, Rugby & Surfing and are looking to extend our list!

Our program includes everything an athlete needs to reach the pinnacle of their sport:

Mindset beats skillset! You may be better than your competitors every practice day of the week but when it comes to competition you falter. Do not underestimate the importance of skill but when it comes to competing… its what’s between the ears that counts.

We will teach you how to apply the same methods that the best athletes around the world are using. We develop a customised program to suit your body, exercises that will benefit you not just ones that look fancy. We run you through step by step until you can execute each exercise perfectly. Every exercise has a purpose.

You can’t train yourself into the ground and expect to perform better. We show you how to periodise your training to give your body time to recover and maximise your body’s adaptation to training. As well as show you the latest techniques to Self-Myofascial Release to further improve your recovery and improve your joint range of motion and health.

As mentioned above it’s when our bodies recover that we adapt to the stimulus (training). Nutrition fuels our body’s recovery and you will only ever get so far on poor nutrition. We will teach you how to fuel your performance on a whole food diet and give you the truth about supplements and whether they will give you the competitive edge.

As you might have guessed, improving your performance does not come from one thing but a range of things. Those are listed above, once you start ticking all the boxes all you have to do is ‘trust the process’ and the results will come!