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I’ve been there. 

Waking up every morning only to stand on the scales in hope to see that number drop from yesterday. 

It was an unhealthy obsession that not only affected me physically (sorry hormones), but more so mentally.

So why do us girls worry so much about a number? It’s not like we walk up to someone and introduce ourselves as “Hi my name is Mel and I weigh 70kg”.

But yet we seem to think that the lower the number on the scales is, the happier or more liked we will be? 

Last time I checked it didn’t.

I saw an Instagram story the other day of an influencer who said she gets lots of girls asking how much she weighed so thought she would share it with us… and guess what, I weigh 20kg more than her!

Let me say that again - I. am. 20kg. heavier. than. her.

I am not overweight, I am healthy and I am strong, but if the old me saw this it would have sent me into a downwards spiral. I would have automatically thought I was overweight and needed to weigh the same as her to be accepted. 

Why do we care so much about what other people weigh when we were all born with different body shapes and types?

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Back when my mind was playing tricks on me, I lost a lot of weight to hit my “goal weight”. I would over exercise, under eat and was incredibly restrictive. Who wants to live like that?! 

I thought, once I have a thigh gap (*face palm*) and hit a certain number on the scales I would be happy. I would feel confident and everything would be ok. 

Spoiler alert - it wasn’t. 

I didn’t want to go out with friends because I was so insecure.

I didn’t want to go out and eat because I couldn’t control what I was having and was so worried I would put the weight back on. 

And I didn’t want to do anything that broke my strict training routine (which at that time was all cardio….. ew).

The day finally came when I could no longer continue this restrictive, calorie counting diet.

My health was more important than the number on the scales so I threw them away and began fuelling my body with whole real foods and lifting weights.

After working on loving my self and my body (this doesn’t happen over night), the number on the scales does not even phase me anymore (I am 13kg heavier).

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If I do use any scales it is only the ones we have at our gym that are a body composition monitor so I can check more important numbers such as my muscle mass, visceral fat, body fat and body water. 

The main thing is - and I cannot stress this enough - as long as you are taking care of your body by moving it daily and eating whole, nutritious foods, the number on the scales does not matter. 

Remember the number doesn’t tell you how loved, strong, beautiful or kind you are.

If you are someone who is ready to stop giving the scales more power and realise how strong that incredible body of yours is, check out my Everyday Goddess Program or message me about Personal Training.

Amy xx