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don't let your mind bully your body

The Full Force Fitness Everyday Goddess Program is a body and mind transformation program.

Designed and run by ladies only trainer Amy Cronin, this 8 week program will empower the goddess within to truly shine by changing the way we nurture our bodies. 



  • Always seems to be "dieting"
  • Would rather stay at home because you aren't happy with how you look
  • Is afraid to exercise or go to a gym due to fear of not being "fit" enough
  • Only has negative things to say about your body
  • Cannot accept compliments 
  • Uses the word "fat" to describe your body
  • Turns to food whether happy or sad
  • Suffers from stress or anxiety
  • Compares yourself to everyone
  • Doesn't like seeing yourself in photographs because you aren't happy with how you look
  • Checks your weight every morning
  • Doesn't eat enough or is scared to eat too much
  • Relies on tablets to keep your body functioning 
  • Feels like your body is fighting against you
  • Wants to love their body 
  • Wants to set a positive and healthy example for your children


It's time for us women to realise how strong and incredible we are and stop letting the number on the scales rule our life and exercising only because we don't like the way we look on the outside. At the end of the day, no matter how much weight we lose or how much exercise we do, we are never going to be truly happy with our bodies unless we work on our mindset along the way.

The Everyday Goddess Program combines strength training with self love and body love work. You will finish the program feeling strong, loved, healthy, happy, confident and in tune with your body and mind. 



Each week we will dive into a new topic as we unlock the love we have for our bodies. 

Week 1 - Where Is The Love?
It's time to identify where the negative thoughts are coming from and begin to eliminate and release them.

Week 2 - Feed Your Soul
Why you need to eat more to lose weight.

Week 3 - Self Care
Learning to listen to your body and setting up your own self care practice.

Week 4 - Unleash The Strength Within
Why weights training is important - and no it won't make you bulky!

Week 5 - Mind Over Matter
Taking back control of your mind and changing old habits.

Week 6 - Deep Dive
It's time to learn about female hormones.

Week 7 - All Part Of The Journey
Accepting that no, everyday isn't going to be perfect, and thats ok.

Week 8 - Certified Goddess
Let's reflect and celebrate how much stronger your body and mind is!


Goddess Pack


You will have a Week 1, Week 4 and Week 8 body check in to track your transformation over the program. While the focus is not on the number on the scales, we will still do monthly body check ins to show you just how much our bodies can change with strength training, the right nutrition and sending our bodies love. 

♥ SMALL GROUP sessions

You will have access to 2 x weekly Strength and Conditioning Sessions (6am, 9.30am or 6pm).


You will receive discounted PT sessions from our private studio throughout the 8 weeks to ensure you are receiving the individual love and focus you deserve. 

Note: you are required to purchase a minimum of 1 x PT a week [not included in sign up fee].


You will receive a custom tailored program to help strengthen your body. Amy will also identify any postural imbalances you may need to work on as part of your program. 


You will also receive bonus classes from some incredible guest teachers including:
- Exploring the functions of the brain to change our routine
- Steps and strategies on how to move forward even when you experience feelings of self-doubt and anxiety
- Delicious eCookbooks
- Emotions & Essential Oils
- How to reduce stress from our lives on a subconscious level
- Music Meditation
- Brain Wave Entertainment
- The ability to regulate your hormones through lifestyle and self-love
- The interrelationship of hormones, some main imbalances and how we can start to balance them  



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The things that I enjoyed the most with this program was that it was a full body transformation. I feel stronger not just physically but mentally too and feel like I have a more positive outlook on life. I liked that the challenge wasn't just about me as a physical being but rather concentrated on all facets of what makes me, me. - Briana

I loved the fact that it is a holistic/whole of body/lifestyle approach program. This is what appealed to me the most as the mind is definitely a key aspect of overall health not just diet and exercise alone. Also the fact that in general its focused on a lifestyle change rather than a diet as such and is realistic at maintaining change. It's great with all the workshops and self-help and self-empowering tips and strategies that participants can take away with them after the program and continue on their own. All the guest speakers are amazing too and they personally align well with the program in their own holistic approach too. Love the spiritual aspect with like minded people. Awesome program Amy! :) - Tracey

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If you're looking for something that will help to change not just your body but your mindset as well, then this is a great program to sign up for. It's definitely not as scary as it sounds, you will benefit greatly from taking part and enjoy every minute. Thank you so much Amy for running such a great program!! <3 - Caroline

I think this program is great because it covers the entire health and wellbeing aspect, and really sets you up for success. These 8 weeks have been a wonderful journey full of adventure, personal life reflections and mixed emotions. It has taught me to be honest with my self, to listen to my body, and although this is only the start, I do feel a shift towards a more positive mindset, and I feel that it is only the beginning of something beautiful to come. - Kristy

I loved all of this program.  I liked how we didn't just work on our body but food, mind and our souls and there was a lot of variety to workouts and bootcamps. I have really enjoyed doing this program, thank you so much Amy you are a beautiful person, who is very inspiring and you have helped me start my journey to a better, stronger me. - Kym