Our small group sessions combine the best of personal training and group fitness. You get the confidence in knowing you’re performing the exercise correctly, whilst still having that motivating group atmosphere!

Each session is capped at 6 per coach. Why? Our expert coaches take the time to ensure the exercises are scaled to your level be it beginner right up to elite, and of course take the liberty of making sure everyone is working to their full potential.

Sessions are designed with a purpose, you are not just aimlessly exercising. Our progressive programming will ensure your results are awesome!

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Our athletic approach applies the same training principal’s elite athlete use, scaled down in a program to suit the everyday person:

Move focuses on strength through range of motion, building a strong core and optimising movement mechanics. This session is for anyone wanting to improve their flexibility, progress through body weight movements and restore good posture.

Programmed to build strength, this session will focus on big compound lifts. We allow adequate rest periods and coach you through executing lifts properly. Speed/Power work is included to ultimately improve your body's athletic performance. 

This session has been designed to improve your cardiovascular conditioning. It works the various energy systems, challenges work capacity and will test your recovery rate. This one’s not for the faint hearted!

Best of both worlds. This session combines mobility with full body strength and a quick but intense conditioning session to finish!